Training and Facilitation

“No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part.” Tiger Woods

Often high performing individuals are promoted to leadership roles with little or no preparation or training.

In turn, leaders often take on new positions with no formal onboarding, resulting in full productivity taking as long as 8 months.

We guide and facilitate the growth of new managers and leaders to set them on the path to becoming engaged, high performing, and trusted amongst their peers and direct reports.

 The Essentials of Management training course is designed to deliver on the following :

  • Provide all the basic competencies needed to be a successful manager.
  • Set the groundwork for new managers to become great leaders.
  • Teach managers and leaders how to engage and inspire, through building trust-based relationships with their people.

The Onboarding for Success facilitated program is for those new to the company or new to their role. This program is designed to accelerate individual productivity through a structured approach to self-reflection, discussion, planning, and action.

The outcome is increased engagement, retention and performance.