Essentials of Management

“The basics matter, no matter how high the peak.” Forbes

Often high performing individuals are promoted to leadership roles with little or no preparation or training.  The Essentials of Management Program is designed to guide and facilitate the growth of new managers to set them on the path to becoming engaged, trusted and high performing leaders.

The Essentials of Management program aims to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Provide all the basic competencies needed to be a successful manager
  • Set the groundwork for new managers to become great leaders
  • Teach managers and leaders how to engage and inspire, through building trust-based relationships with their people.

The program includes material and training in the following areas:

  • New manager competencies required for success, in the areas of Personal Leadership, People Leadership, and Results Leadership
  • The Leader as Coach approach
  • Personal Effectiveness competencies
  • Can be tailored to include company culture, and also HR and labour law basics if required

Our Approach

  • This program is best delivered in a group training setting, where participants gain from classroom learning, as well as through shared learning with colleagues.
  • For individuals or smaller groups, the program can be delivered via self-directed learning, complemented by several facilitated coaching sessions.

This Essentials of Management offering is under-pinned by SYNERGIST’S winning formula

Get to the Real Issues | Design Tailored Interventions | Keep it Simple | Build Trust | Deliver Real, Lasting Impact