Onboarding Program

It typically takes new employees, or those new to their role, 8 months to get up to full productivity.

A strategic and structured onboarding program can help accelerate that significantly. Research has also shown that 69% of employees are likely to stay with an organization beyond 3 years if they experienced a great onboarding program.

The Onboard for Success program aims to deliver the following outcomes for employees that are new to the company or new to their role:

  • Quickly become more effective through self-reflection, discussion, planning and action.
  • Increase their engagement, retention, and ultimately theirs’ and the organization’s success.

The Onboard for Success program includes a 4-step process:


The program includes the following :

  • Self-directed learning as well as facilitation by one of our coaches for the first 90 days.
  • Interview guide for the employee to run with various stakeholders
  • Guided template to avoid common derailers
  • Guided approach to recognize the priority skills that will have the greatest impact on an employee’s transition

Our Approach

  • Introductory session to leaders and sponsors.
  • Facilitated group session to introduce the program to participants.
  • Program material provided to all participants for self-directed learning, and as prep for facilitated sessions.
  • Four to Six one-on-one sessions are run with each participant for the first 90 days to facilitate the learning, track progress, help address challenges, and to maximise the program’s success.
  • Close out 3-way session with participant, their manager and the coach.

This Onboard for Success offering is under-pinned by SYNERGIST’S winning formula

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